Please note that in order to be able to validly file the request for arbitration the counterparty is also required to have a valid certified e-mail address.

The request for arbitration, the arbitration proposal and the brief or reply, all with digital signature, may be filed by certified e-mail, in standard format, (e.g. pdf.), the maximum size of each single e-mail being 50MB, to the following certified e-mail address:

Also the relative documentation produced must be forwarded by certified e-mail. In application of the law, specifically Presidential Decree no. 642/1972, stamp duty is to be paid virtually, in accordance with the manner established by the Italian Tax Authority. Pursuant to Art. 15 paragraph 2 Presidential Decree no. 642/1972, the manner in which stamp duty is paid virtually and the details of the authorization issued by the Italian Tax Authority’s Regional Office are to be reported on the deed. To calculate the amount, please consider that Euro 16.00 marca da bollo stamps are to be counted as follows: one marca stamp every 4 pages; one marca scambio (exchange stamp) for each counterpart every 4 pages; one marca procura only for the original power of attorney (the Notary Public power of attorney does not require any stamp).

The counterparty’s certified e-mail address must also be indicated in the deed.

In the absence of the aforementioned requirements, the filing will not be considered properly accomplished.